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It is the Company’s Policy that no seafarer employed shall navigate the vessel, operate machinery or carry out his duties whilst he is impaired by drugs or alcohol or suspected to be under the impairment of alcohol or drugs.

We have a ZERO ALCOHOL POLICY on board all of our vessels across the fleet where the Consumption and possession of alcohol for private or any other use on board Company vessels is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

The Company implements procedures which meet or exceed the relevant Flag State legislation and/or ICS/OCIMF guidelines and enforces a strict blood/breath and/or urine test schedule involving:

  • mandatory pre-joining tests for all seafarers
  • periodical random testing/screening on board vessels.
  • regular breathalyzer tests on board, either as a routine control procedure, or during an investigative process.

Seafarers found to be in violation of this Policy shall be immediately released from duty and dismissal / disciplinary action will be taken. Refusal to be subjected to D&A testing would equal to admission of guilt and the person will be subject to the same repercussions as any offender.